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Wine Scene Investigations d.o.o.

Suhi Vrh 3

9208 Fokovci


Company No: 7227922000 

Tax No: 10741178

We are registered in Slovenia which is part of the EU. If you have any concerns you are welcome to confirm the company details with AJPES - the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services. You can also contact your country's embassy in Slovenia who will be able to confirm that the company is liquid and exists.

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Ljubljana is Slovenia's capital city, where anything of national importance happens. It is a small, green and pleasant city, which was European Green Capital of 2016. Its name means 'beloved' in Slovene.

The city feels young, with 56,000 students attending the City University's 20 faculties and 3 art academies. But the narrow streets of the Old Town and the little bridges spanning the Ljubjanica River reveal its cultural heritage.

In Spring and Summer when cafés spill onto the streets, musicians and actors entertain locals and visitors and the city transforms into a little sister of Prague and Budapest.

In Ljubljana you can do as little or as much as your mood dictates. Stroll up to Ljubljana Castle for spectacular views over the city, and visit the high-tech Virtual Museum which is housed there. Or visit the collections of Slovenian art at the National Gallery and Museum of Modern Art.

For walkers, there is a WWII legacy trail which completely encircles the city. You can amble through Park Tivoli, or follow the willow-lined walkways along the Ljubljanica River bank and its canals.

Ljubljana nightlife's cool too, as are the Old Town pubs and wine bars

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